Our Services


Our Video cameras can be incredibly helpful to you and your business.


24/7 video recording.
Live video monitoring.
Wider field of view.
Clear nighttime recording.
Remote viewing from smartphone & tablet

Smart Home & Allarm

we can offer unique solutions that will go far beyond your expectations.


Wireless Motion Sensor.
Wireless Door & Window sensor.
Wireless Vibration Sensor.
Wireless Smoke Sensor.
Wireless Gas Sensor.
Wireless CO Sensor.

Time & access control

Manage access and security with our complete solutions for workforce.

Benefits of Time & access control

Enables restricted access.
Avoids the problem of lost keys.
Provide time and attendance features.
Provide a safer working environment.

WebSite Design

We aim to understand our costumer business needs to build the right website for them.

Benefits Of A Web Design

Gain more trust.
quick access for clients.
Increase sales rates.
visibility in search engines.
website is always available.
Reinforce your brand.

Accountability for results

FOX Smart Solution offers solutions for any size and type of businesses. From companies with 100+ employees to the local diner.


We are continuously search the new opportunities to achieve the break-through results. We invest into development of advanced technologies and use them to serve our customers individual needs. We invent and realize new ideas.


We are confident in our strength and ready to overcome any obstacles to solve the most difficult issues. Our confidence is based on our potential and real achievements. We use our talent, our knowledge and skills  to achieve the objectives we set.

Why Choose Us

      • A management team with substantial experience in security risk assessment.
      • Highly experienced design, engineering and support team.
      • The ability to design Smart systems for your property.
      • We ensure QUALITY AND RELIABILITY of our solutions.
      • Very competitive pricing with a personal service.

How Do We Work !!!