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About FoxSmart

Fox Smart Solution is the one of the local company in the State Of Kuwait leading supply and installation of security systems and services by surveillance cameras and CCTV, security systems, Smart Systems, Access Control, Alarm Systems, Telecom telephone systems, audio systems, Networking and Website Developing and designing.  Fox Smart Solution has gained its capability to offers its product and services up to big group of companies for commercial and industrial area in Kuwait and soon in the major countries of the Middle East.

Fox Smart Solution is structured around the belief that the most important asset we contribute is the ability to help our clients pre-empt and avoid potential disruption to their business. A lot of our work is carried out on drawings at the initial development stage.

At Security Instrument Center, we firmly believe in providing our customers with innovative, superior quality products that are competitively priced and nearly always available off-the-shelf. We offer the most aggressive, complete array of customer services ever made available to the video security market. Furthermore, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Simply stated, this means that we will always do whatever it takes to fully satisfy every customer, every time. You should accept absolutely nothing less from Fox Smart Solution, because we accept nothing less from ourselves.

Fox Smart Solution is committed to provide its clients in the corporate, government and private sectors with a wide range of high quality security products, services and up to consultancy especially for the private individuals and royal residences, manufacturing firms, buildings, banking, aviation and ports, and oil and gas industry.

We advise our clients how to reduce and manage the effects of crime, fraud, fire, crisis, sabotage, terrorism on their business operation and employees.

We operate to the highest levels of integrity, legality and ethics and constantly developing long term relationship with our clients.


Security Instrument Center ensures its policies and procedures, health and welfare are maintained in a practical and up to date format with individual responsibilities clearly defined, fully understood by the employees and properly executed. Drawn out policies show how the commitment to safety of all employees will be achieved and maintained.

Our Skills

CCTV Surveillance 97
Website Design 96
Smart Innovation 90
Computer Network 98
IP and Analog Telephony 95

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